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Our logo is indeed pale, but we have a bright and colorful portfolio. We have twenty full-time employees who help our new clients get hundreds of their own. We are not world-famous yet but even now our clients share their outstanding experience of working with us with their business partners and colleagues.

There are no limitations for us – only goals that we achieve, drawing on expertise, and our vision. That’s the secret of theSpells’ magic.
theSpells Branding agency
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We can do everything that your brand needs with a help of graphic design software. Even if you don’t have a brand yet, we can help you create it. Generally, our company provides branding and creative support for our clients. It doesn’t matter if it is Paris or New York, a tremendous brand book or a creative banner – we can handle everything.


Brand Strategy, Verbal & Visual Brand Identity


Creative Campaigns, Digital Experiences, Communications

Our clients

Beloved, dear, sensible and understood by us. And most importantly — happy ones. Here are the companies that we worked with. You can view some of the projects in the portfolio that weren’t made under a signed NDA. If you know a stunning branding or design of one of our clients, there is a high chance that it was created by us. 😉

Оставьте ваши контакты. Мы с вами свяжемся и с удовольствием проконсультируем.