Landing design for Blanc Magazine

A true branding agency keeps tabs on all the latest trends and moves with the times. Like, in our agency we are all of us huge fans of Blanc Magazine, a New-York based magazine about art, music, and fashion. So we gave them a landing page design that is up-to-date and rich.

Blanc is a large creative platform that presents a perspective of the vast world of fashion and lifestyle. It’s a quarterly print magazine that showcases a variety of talent, both recognized and lesser known, from around the world.

We have been able to preserve Blanc’s underlying motif of being diverse and colorful, and yet minimalistic. With particular emphasis laid on the content as part of the redesign. Most of the elements on the website are dynamic, which gives the latter a new look every time you scroll down. Similar to the way fashion works. How’s that for a metaphor?

The landing page is made intuitive, so knowing exactly how to get anywhere on the website shouldn’t be a problem.

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