Branding and Landing page for iSERVICEMAN

The funny thing about iPhones is they can certainly make a gal cry: when first bought and when first broken. And our new client is in the business of repairing all things Apple, which service is also available on an in-home basis. A gal in distress should certainly appreciate the convenience of that. Our job, however, was to build a brand identity for iSERVICEMAN and a website that spoke to the female audience.
Особенности разработки бренда фирмы, занимающейся ремонтом техники Apple
Разработка и создание логотипа для компании, основными клиентами которой являются женщины, требуют особого, креативного подхода к работе
We have proved once again that we are not just a creative agency: we are a digital agency too. While bearing in mind the specifics of our client’s work, we were also able to gain insight into how delicate the female psyche actually is (it’s delicate all right). We made sure the palette was calming and the interface easy to navigate even with a broken screen. Yet don’t take our word for it: go ahead and smash your iPhone’s screen, go to the website we made, call a technician in, and now wait. See? It works! Except that your phone doesn’t.

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